Valkyrie 3
A shameless upscale of my BT60 Valkyrie design...

Sorry folks, but this story
kinda sorta like starts
from the middle;
This was my first time in
doing fiberglass work, my
first time doing electronics,
and my first time doing a bird
with dual deployment. So in
a concentrated effort not to
go and mess something up
royally, I didn't want to get
distracted or sidetracked by
taking my usual build thread

Instead I created a sweet looking
almost 7' tall bird tipping scales
at about 130 oz w/o motor.

She had her successful Heads-up
flight at NEFAR on 10-13-2007
on Jim Harris' magnificent
J 365 Black Lightning
Gorilla motor...

On top are two lift-off shots, the one on right courtesy of

Thanks Jim, your Black Lightning Rocks !

That fine looking gentleman on the obligatory before shot is my darling husband Bill,
who usually helps around at the launches while trying to put up with my obsession...
Jim Harris of Gorilla Motors

Her airframe is made of 3" LOC heavy wall tubing (3.18" od) that I glassed using 10oz. Aerosleeve fiberglass sock
and US Composites thin epoxy with medium hardener. Giant Leap 3" pinnacle nosecone had a little bit of a step
down due to the tube od thickness, so I laminated it with 2 layups of 6oz cloth to make for a smooth transition.
Forward fins are 3/16" baltic ply, main fins are 1/4" of the same. Fins got attached to 18" long PML 54mm phenolic
motor tube with epoxy / chopped fiberglass mix, then laid up tip to tip over the mmt with 6 oz cloth. After I cut the
fin slots and epoxied the fincan in the booster tube, I ran another layup of 6oz fiberglass cloth tip to tip, this time over
the booster tube. Oughta stay put... Centering rings I whipped out of 1/2" baltic birch ply that I just happened have
around the house from an earlier canned project... Avionics bay is figured for a HiAlt45 juicing up Newtons 3rd's
small charge canisters. Full charge for 60" main and half a charge for 30" drogue. An Aeropack tailcone retainer
keeps the motor absolutely positively secured while looking really sleek and cool too...

Couplers were internally glassed with 9oz tape from West
Systems, they got a retailer in town... Railbuttons are from ... The booster is long enough to use 36"
hybrid motors if I ever get around to flying them, but just in
case. It is also zipperless design, and 1/16" styrene rod shear
pins holds everything together nice and snug until the ejection
charges go off.

Video by Jimmy Yawn of NEFAR, Big Thanks once again !
See me fly on Gorilla J365BL
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