TampaTRA / THOR in exile
launch at Varn Ranch 5-17-08
After a six month hiatus I finally had a
launch window at Tampa TRA's new
field also hosting THOR in exile since
we lost our field to soccer hooligans.
Since it was my first launch for quite a
while I concentrated more on flying than
snapping pix, but here's a few shots:

Astron Mike setting up one of his
spectacular gliders while my
Valkyrie3 is ready to roll.
Mike's glider takes off !
He had a series of very successful
flights besides a rather blustery wind.
Then my Valkyrie3 lifted off
on Gorilla Motors I-320 Red Twister
38mm demo flight to 1500'
courtesy of Jim Harris.
I set up my slightly kit bashed Estes Phoenix
featuring a triple 24mm cluster, 1/8" plywood
thru the wall tail feathers plus a bit noseweight.
She was patiently waiting at pad #5 while
guys kept on setting up at low power rack.
After I successfully captured Manuel's smoke
trail with my camera the 'Girl Power' rocket had
a good flight...
...then my Phoenix ripped off on a cluster
of three Estes D12-5's for a successful
first flight. Ejection was a bit early so I'll try
D12-7's next time...

Desert camouflage
makes for a good
'Cowpie Camo'
as well...

Rocketsteve has
a good videoclip
of the launch at

Thanks Steve !
Launch Video Here
On to TTRA launch 4-18-2009...