THOR is affiliated with the following organizations:

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) - Section #598
Starlord's International Association of Rocketry - Star Section #1

THOR's members include members of all of the above, as well as members
of other groups along with non-affiliated model rocketeers.
Tampa - Hillsborough Organisation of Rocketry
NAR section #598
Starlord's International Association of Rocketry - Star Section #1

THOR launches on the 3rd Saturday of every month, starting at about
10:30 am sharing the field with TTRA, Tampa Tripoli Rocketry Association

Present at each launch are a group of interesting characters who decided
to spend their very limited free time building and flying small rockets and
gliders. The designs vary quite a bit, with everything from flying scale
models of real space launch vehicles and missiles to rockets resembling
science fiction spacecraft and even the infamous flying pyramids.
Map is coming soon. Field is North of Plant City, not far from the
intersection of SP 39 and Kinghts Griffin Road. Email for detailed

We are on the new field with TTRA (Tampa Tripoli). The field is rented,
so there are launch fees. It is currently $5 to fly low power (all day) and
$10 if you want to fly high power (all day). Please keep the main gate
closed and do not bother the cows. Anyone wanting to get a NAR High
Power certification should email Brent to make the arrangements.
Greetings from the Tampa/Hillsborough Association of Rocketry

THOR's Credentials and Members
For Those Who Want to Talk to Thor...

The THOR club is run by several guys from Tau Ceti:

Mike Kochel [email protected]
Manuel Mejia, Jr. [email protected]
Susan Deberg [email protected]
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THOR has been flying since May of 1995. Despite hurricanes, fires, and floods we've only cancelled a couple of
launches ever and have only deviated from the 3rd Saturday of the month twice. Please don't worry if the page doesn't
have a recent date for "last updated".

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