Valkyrie 1
Patriot PAC-3
LandShark !
Blue Flame on G33J
Here's mama's
latest toy, a
1.6X upscale
Der Big Red Max

Yowza !
Max ripping on 29mm F52
Blue Thunder
On left, my BSG Viper 2X all loaded up and ready
to go with H128-M, and below a great
lift-off shot with it at NEFAR courtesy of
BrianC of The Rocketry Forum...
Thank You, Brian !

My 1.7x upscale Viper prototype blowing up on THOR launch
7-15-2006 on Estes E9-4 during a flight test program...

It sounded like a shotgun going off, kicking the casing out hard enough to dent the
heavy gauge 0.065" aluminum blast deflector.
The test program proved to be rather exhausting...

After I finally found the correct e-mail address to Christine at Estes
- [email protected] -
she promptly took good care of me, and now I'm the happy owner of two new kits...
You might be a
redneck rocketeer

...You have a
high-power cluster
Colonial Viper on a