Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry, NAR section #563
Bunnell Blast on Nov. 11-12, 2006
Heads up folks, if ya'll reckon any of these rockets and have more info, please send me an email to
[email protected] and I'll try to post it where it belongs. Also all event pics and video
more than welcome, they'll be posted with credits - lets make this as nice as the launch was...
Brian Coyle (brianc of TRF) brought in his
massive scratch built Mega-Magg for a
level2 attempt, and not only succeeded
with a picture perfect flight and recovery,
but also gave us all one awesome show !

It was loud, low and slow, and that
AT J350W had enough flames
to share... Congratulations Brian !
One of the biggest launches of the event,
'The Son of A Rocket Monster'
shaking the ground on M power.

Saturday was a picture perfect day,
nice clear skies and practically no wind.
One of the highest flights on Saturday
was Harold Sasloe's sweet Binder
design Raptor that just kept on
trucking on a K550. It topped at
a very respectable 5100'+
Very Impressive...

Also 'Darth Vader' below had
a nice flight...
Marc, who also occasionally makes a
cameo appearance at THOR low and
mid-power launches with his son Max had
a nice flight with their new scratch built
metallic blue and gold rocket 'The Ice King'...

...and in the traditional Florida rocketry
spirit, had a perfect 'splashdown'
and had to fish it out to dry...
That F52 had a plenty of oomph
for such a light rocket...

Bill Baldwin setting up his new realistic looking
scratch built design, made even more military look-a-like
by the camo paint job.  It took off so honkin' all I got
on my camera was a huge cloud of smoke and
a massive smoketrail...  

At least the recovery was slow enough for a pokey
like myself to snap a pic of...

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