Colonial Viper 3.5x semi-upscale
A look-a-like from Battlestar Galactica with improved
aerodynamics for better stability and flyability...

After my previous Viper projects - the 2x on 2005 and squadron of 1.6x birds on 2006 -
I took on a little bigger challenge early on 2007: To build a 3.5x semi-upscale capable
of flying with motors to a baby J in power.
Structurally closely related to my earlier 2x Viper but with the highly improved
aerodynamics and better stability of the '2nd Generation' 1.6x design she is the
current pinnacle in technology and flagship of the mostly unknown Colonial fleet
red squadron based in west coast of Florida ;-)

Since her structure is very
closely based on previous
well documented build threads,
I'm not gonna bore you with
more pix of yet another Viper in
different stages of construction.

Instead here's a chuckle:

'If you have a high power four
engine cluster Colonial Viper
sitting on a cinderblock -
You might be a Redneck...'

Now if ya'll 'do the time warp
again' and hop four months
ahead in time while I keep
on priming and sanding,
priming and sanding some
more, then coating all
my mistakes with Krylon
Gloss White paint and
catch up when the new
and completely redesigned
decals are fresh off my
printer. Like the Viper itself,
they look alike while actually
being completely different.

While the Rustoleum clear coat on decals was
drying out, I did some rudimentary masking on that
big ol' nose and gave her the first of her stripes.
That nose stripe is the only one actually painted on,
rest are on the decals and the stripes on wings
and tail are red electrical tape... Yes, me lazy !

Cockpit windows, silver bands around nose and
turbo intakes are aluminum foil duck tape...

Here she is, all fresh off the
clear coating with more
Rustoleum spray plus a few
runs here and there...
Nose intake and all turbo
intakes are Rustoleum
aluminum enamel brushed on.
Lasercannons are made of
BT50 balsa nosecones I got
from Andy @ ASP, some 1/8"
basswood stringers and two
lengths of 1/8" aluminum tubing
for barrels...

On the biz end
she packs a cluster
of 4: A central 38mm
mount surrounded
by three 29mm mmts
for quite a wallop.
38 is retained by
'Kaplow Klips'
and 29's by
'Roadkill Retainers'
as someone came
up on The Rocketry
Before I come up
with all the
electronics, she'll be
flying on center
mount only using
motor ejection.

'Viper wants a belly rub' on
left and close-up of the nose
intake (aluminum window)
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